I found an excellent write up regarding step-parents: http://www.parentalalienation.com/stepparents.htm

We need to be patient with children who are adjusting to a new step-parent. Don’t expect them to welcome the new parent with open arms. The natural parent has had time to grow to love the new spouse (obviously) but the child may have not. For the new couple the marriage is a joyous time, a new start for the divorced parent. But for the child it can be a very confusing time with a mix of positive and negative emotions.

My parents both remarried a few years after their divorce. I grew up living with my dad and stepmom. The adjustment to that remarriage seemed much more difficult than the adjustment after the divorce, but I was only 6 at the time of the divorce and only three years passed before my dad remarried.

Growing up, I had a rocky relationship with my stepmom. It has improved as I have matured and grown into adulthood, but it’s still a source of discomfort for me. It still often bothers me to see my father show my stepmom affection. Deep in my heart I have that longing to see him that way with my mother. I suppose I will never fully shed that longing. Don’t think I’m delusional, I don’t hold onto the hope that my parents will one day reunite. I know that is never going to be a possibility. But I do believe it’s natural to wonder how it would be if they were still together and the divorce had never happened.

What do you think about remarriage? Step-parents? Did either of your parents remarry? How did you feel about it then? How do you feel about it now? Was it a positive change for your family or a negative one?