In her article, Troubled relationships don’t have to end in tears, Katrina Tweedie cites some excellent points about dealing with divorce when children are involved.

“The potential for conflict is huge when feelings are still so raw, so put decisions about money or even where the children will ultimately live on hold until things have settled down.”

“Also, never underestimate your children’s capacity to understand and be fascinated by what’s going on.”

“Parents, even of young children, would do well to pay attention to their thoughts and give them some space to grieve.”

“Negotiating a truce is essential when children are involved but for many couples, suspending hostilities long enough to discuss their children’s future can be a challenge.”

Family mediation is one way to tackle this challenge, and one couple interviewed shares their experience and how mediation has helped them to communicate. This is so important because even though the marriage roles end after divorce, the parenting roles do not.

“People complain that divorce isn’t fast enough but when children are involved, it is vital that divorces be amicable which may require a conciliation process which will slow things down further.”