My main wish for this blog is to open a dialogue with children or adults whose parents have divorced. I hope to present questions for discussion, post relevant articles, and possibly share some of my own experiences with the hope that there are bloggers out there who can relate and contribute. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


One Response to “About”

  1. Sharon Cole Says:

    I just discovered your blog after watching a re-run of the Kids & Divorce PBS special with Dave Iverson. It just ran in Philadelphia on September 24th. My hope was to find contact information for Dave Iverson and/or one or two of those interviewed in his special.

    Anyway, I am a child of divorce from the 70s–just when divorce accelerated in ‘popularity’ and I’ve created my own blog for Generation ACD (adult children of divorce).

    I’m glad to find another blogger out here in the blogosphere creating dialogue on children of divorce. It’s nice to know that these days there is at least some open discussion. Although I am 35 now, I still struggle with sadness and relationship issues (or fear of commitment).

    In my opinion all issues surrounding divorce should be held in the mental health arena as opposed to the legal one (or at least there should be collaboration between the two). In the PBS special, I enjoyed the segment in which psychologists, financial advisors and lawyers worked together to resolve parents’ divorce on the best possible time line without forcing or rushing adults or children through the process.

    Thanks for the informatin on your blog.

    Sharon Cole of Philadelphia, PA

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