This new website, Postcards From Splitsville, offers a place “where children can share their divorce-related feelings anonymously and parents can get a new perspective on how this life-changing experience impacts their children’s lives.”

The website was inspired by Frank Warren’s, PostSecret. What a great idea to offer the same kind of thing for kids! Go check it out!

Courtesy of Kids In the Middle:


  • Allow children to openly express their own feelings.
  • Listen to your children and validate their feelings.
  • Let children know about changes such as visitation, moving, new school, etc.
  • Reassure your children that the divorce was not their fault.
  • Emphasize the finality of the divorce.
  • Spend quality time with each child.
  • Be consistent with rules, expectations and discipline.
  • Protect your child from parental conflict.
  • Provide a safe and stable environment.
  • Don’t…

  • Assess blame. Children shouldn’t be taking sides.
  • Talk negatively about the other parent.
  • Overburden your children with emotional or financial concerns.
  • Use children as message carriers to the other parent.
  • Make your child your confidant – remain the adult and parent.
  • Allow your children to put themselves in the middle of adult conflicts.
  • Discourage your child’s desire to have a relationship with the other parent or step-parent.